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HD offers a truly advanced TV experience. HDTV provides the best possible picture and sound quality that puts standard definition TV firmly in the shade. Many new HDTV channels are already available, and existing ones are quickly upgrading. You can start enjoying the HD experience immediately with an HD subscription. HD will definitely change the way you see your TV forever.

Record live TV with the amazingly sharp picture quality of HD
Save all your favorite programs with UPC Direct DVR options, including HD programs. Enjoy these recordings whenever you want always with the higher quality,. Easily record your pick of the high definition schedule and watch it in the best quality at the time that suits you. With series linking you can even record the entire series of your favourite HD programme. Sounds good? It looks even better.

Be future proof
UPC Direct delivers a great selection of HD content directly to your home. In addition, with the Over The Air (OTA)technology, we are able to update the software of your satellite receiver remotely. This technology allow us to provide new services. We used it with the new generation satellite receiver we are providing. Indeed we implemented, for instance PVR, TV Portal and DLNA functions to the HUMAX UD-FOX/HD also.

Amazing picture quality
High Definition Television makes use of many more scan lines than conventional TV broadcasts. That's why pictures are up to 5x clearer.
Rich colours
Intense colours and impressive details are key benefits of HDTV. You can almost feel what you see. Watching HDTV brings you as close as possible to real life.
5.1 Dolby® Digital sound
Stunning pictures should of course be accompanied by the best possible sound experience. With 5.1 Dolby® Digital sound you can be sure your ears get a treat too.
The right connection: HDMI
Direct HD makes use of so called HDMI-cables instead of SCART-cables. The advantage is clear: way better picture quality. Most HD ready TVs already have an HDMI input.
Great HD content for everyone
UPC Direct carries a wide/ selection of channels. UPC Direct tailor made HD package includes generalists and thematic channels such as sport channels and documentary channels. Enjoy Eurosport HD channels, Discovery HD showcase or NatGeo HD with high quality image.
Decide yourself what the next TV evening will bring

UPC Direct carries HD channels in different packages, more than 10 of them in the Direct HD package but also from its basic Direct medium and Direct + and Superpak and premium packages such as HBO MaxPak.

These programs are available for customers with their own HD satellite receiver or with a satellite receiver provided by UPC Direct.

For existing customers, a box swap (and associated one-time fee) may be necessary to receive HD channels unless they are already equipped with the HUMAX UD-FOX/HD satellite receiver. In this case, only the activation of the service is required, Subscribers of Direct DVR and Direct DVR Ready are already equipped with HD satellite receiver

With Direct DVR packages, you can easily record all your favorite programs. Since the digital signal is not recoded, playback is still in the best picture. With Direct DVR, record a program while watching another or a complete series in one go. With Direct DVR Ready record your program while you are away on an external hard drive.

This is what you need

More and more channels are broadcasting in HD. In order to receive HDTV you must have an HD-ready or Full- HD TV, found in every local Hifi-store. HD sets are usually LCD or plasma screens. Suitable devices can be recognized by the following logos

A television is HD ready when it meets the following requirements:

  • Minimum 720 line screen display
  • Mandatory Video Inputs: DVI or HDMI input on TV

HD-inputs must be able to work with the following image formats:

  • 1280x720 in both 50 Hz and 60 Hz progressive scan, also known as 720p
  • Both 50 Hz and 1920x1080 at 60 Hz interlaced, also known as 1080i
  • The DVI or HDMI input supports HDCP (High Definition Content Protection)

It’s important to check these requirements when purchasing a new TV or HDTV.

Digital HD Receiver
Next to the right TV you need the right Digital HD Receiver, which receives and delivers HD broadcast signals to your HDTV to allow you to enjoy true HDTV picture and sound.

HDMI cable
For HD programs you need to connect your HD receiver via a so called 'HDMI cable'. Most HD-ready TVs have an HDMI input. In some cases, the TV has no HDMI input. What you need then is a HDMI-DVI connector. You can use this connector to connect the HDMI cable to your TV. Discuss the possibilities with your local Hifi-store.

How does it work?

Standard TV uses 480 scan lines, High Definition makes use of 720 or 1080 lines. The increase in the number of lines provides a higher resolution and thus improved picture quality that really brings your TV to life.

Most HDTV broadcasts in the United States are in 720p60 or 1080i60 formats, while Europe broadcasts in 1080i 50 and 720p50.

Want HDTV yourself?
Are you convinced HDTV is really as good as they say? Don’t wait any longer, get the HD experience at home to enjoy it yourself.

Need more convincing? Experience high definition TV for yourself at any of our stores and you’ll agree it’s even better than you expected.

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