Enjoy your own digital music,
photos and videos on the TV set!
DLNA® * compatible satellite receiver

Connect your satellite receiver to your home network
Take full advantage of your TV equipment such as widescreen TV set or home cinema by connecting them to your home network using your satellite receiver as a bridge between your computer and your TV equipment.

Enjoy your own digital music, photos and videos on your TV set
Browse your own digital media such as music, photos and videos from your home network (LAN) directly on your TV set.

Listen to music stored on your mobile phone, display photos available on a USB stick or watch videos located on your laptop or on a NAS directly from your TV equipment using UPC Direct satellite receiver’s DLNA® * function.

Navigate through content with your remote control
Navigate on the TV screen through your digital media content with your remote control. Click on your selection and enjoy the DLNA® * experience.

Start discovering the interoperability of your DLNA Certified products, connect and enjoy the future of technology with the DLNA Product Search web tool.

Display all you your media on TV
Listen to music
Watch videos
Browse photos
The right connection: Ethernet

Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA® *) is a standardized communication protocol that allow compatible devices to share media files (music, photos, videos) through a network made of DLNA® * Certified® devices. detailed information on www.dlna.org.

LAN/Home network
A Local area network (LAN) is a computer network that interconnects computers in a limited area such as a home, school, computer laboratory, or office building using network media.[source: wikipedia]

A Network access server (NAS) is a computer network device used for storing media and files and having them available remotely from any other devices of the network.


  • A UPC Direct subscription including DLNA® *.
  • Ethernet cable to connect the satellite receiver to the LAN (Home network)
  • Wired or wireless LAN (Home network)
  • DLNA® * Certified® devices


* Full certification of this device is pending.
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