Digital Radio

You have to listen to this!

Let the music take control... with UPC Direct you not only get great TV channels, but a huge selection of digital radio channels on top. The superbly sharp sound and range of interesting genres ensures hours of fun.

Does this sound great to you?

Rock around the clock
Lounge away a rainy Sunday morning with chill or classical sounds, choose some smooth jazz while cooking, rock yourself through cleaning the house or invite your partner for an upbeat dance event.

You have to listen to this!
Perfect reception
Digital radio channels provide an excellent sound experience. No crackles as you sometimes hear with AM or FM radio channels. This is why we call it pure entertainment.
Just beat it
With the wide variety of radio channels you can choose, and change, the soundtrack to your day whenever you like. Switch easily between your favourite channels with your remote.
5.1 Dolby® Digital sound
This innovative sound technique turns your living room into a concert hall and you are right in the middle. Sounds great? It certainly does.
Always the right frequency
No more fiddling around with difficult frequencies. The radio channels are right there where you need them.
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