You can now have UPC Direct
and freeSAT also with a
CI+ Module
What is a CI+ module?

The CI+ module is a small, revolutionary device that replaces the big satellite receivers and set-top boxes in the living rooms. The CI+ module plugs directly into your ready TV in a dedicated slot and decodes the satellite programs. The CI+ module works with an active freeSAT/UPC Direct TV service.

You will love it! Here’s why:
Make it compact and clear – invisible satellite receiver, no cables.
When you choose a nice slim TV to fit into your house, you don’t want to mess up your room with a big black box and a labyrinth of various cables. The CI+ module plugs directly into your TV in a dedicated slot and decodes the satellite programs you have chosen.
One remote control to rule them all – shared remote control
Control your CI+ module and navigate over the channel line-up with the remote control of the TV set. Stop using multiple remote controls.
Take full advantage of your TV set – fully integrated service
The features of your TV set are usually limited once you switched to a satellite receiver. CI+ module is driven by the TV and fully integrated. You can enjoy all the features of your TV set while watching satellite TV.
Simple installation – automated tuning and updates
You don’t have to fine tune all the channels of freeSAT/UPC Direct line-up one by one manually? freeSAT/UPC Direct CI+ module offers the automated installation and listing of all channels for TV sets that are CI+ 1.3 compatible.
Be more environment friendly – powered by the TV set
Lessen your energy consumption by having an integrated satellite receiver that uses the power of your TV set. So when your TV set is off, your CI+ module is off. Watching TV has never been so eco-friendly before.
Order your own CI+ Module! We tell you how can you do it.

CI+ module can be purchased at retail shops or together with a TV set. CI+ module requires an active UPC Direct/ freeSAT service. freeSAT smart card is not included in your CI+ pack. CI+ module is not available online.

You can get our service online and benefit of an exclusive discount. Our agent will connect you with the closest CI+ retailer.

Or you can get our service directly from the retailer. You can find a full list of the retailer on the website.

Keep in mind when buying a CI+ Module!
Before you purchase your CI+, check the characteristics of your TV set.


  • A DVB-S tuner. Look for this logo on your TV set: DVBS
  • Compatibility. CI+ slot compatible CI+ 1.2 or CI+ 1.3 and above versions. With CI+ 1.3 compatible TV set the channels are listed automatically. About compatibility read the TV manual or ask a specialist at the store.