Digital television

  • Over 100 channels
  • Full HD quality broadcasts
  • DVR: Pause, rewind and record broadcasts
  • Easy to use electronic program guide
  • Access to on a selection of content from the Internet
  • DLNA
Full HD broadcasts
UPC Direct HDTV broadcasts up to 5x sharper pictures and delivers a superb sound experience too. A touch of brilliance for your screen.
DVR: recording made simple
Record up to 100 hours with one touch of a button - it’s really that simple - and pause live tv if you get interrupted. Meet the future of TV in a single box.
EPG: finding was never so easy
Check what’s on, set reminders, or use search to find something special. Even create your own personalised channel line-up, all without leaving the sofa.
Sounds like music
UPC Direct Digital Satellite TV comes with a huge selection of digital radio channels - transform your living room into a concert hall with full digital sound.
Watch over 100 channels
Choose your own DTV package and enjoy TV from over 100 of the best TV channels in superb digital quality. The best entertainment, whatever your taste.
Thematic channels
Are you a sports fanatic, music lover or film fan? With the special theme channels from UPC Direct there’s always something great on, just for you.
Browse your own digital media such as music, photos and videos from your home network (LAN) directly on your TV set.
TV Portal
Access your favourite websites such as Facebook, YouTube, Picasa directly on your TV with dedicated apps.
A great entertainment experience
High Definition Television (HDTV) has many more scan lines than conventional TV broadcasts. Experience intense colour and superior sound (Dolby Digital 5.1) with up to 5x clearer pictures that truly bring your HDTV to life.
What do you need?
More and more channels are broadcasting in HD. In order to receive HDTV you must be in possession of an HD-ready or Full- HD TV, available from every local Hifi-store. HD sets are usually LCD, plasma or LED screens. Suitable devices can be recognized by the following logos:
UPC Direct Digital HD Receiver

Next to the right TV you need the right Digital HD Receiver, which receives and delivers HD broadcast signals to your HDTV to allow you to enjoy true HDTV picture and sound.

Want HDTV yourself?

Are you convinced HDTV is really as good as they say? Don't wait any longer, get the HD experience at home to enjoy it yourself.

Need more convincing? Experience high definition TV for yourself at any of our stores and you'll agree it's even better than you expected.

Decide yourself what the next TV evening will bring
Record and watch
With UPC Direct's Digital Video Recorder packages you can so easily record all your favourite programs. Since the digital signal is not recoded, playback is still in the best picture quality.
Pause live broadcasts
But there is more: the Digital Video Recorder has a special function that makes it possible to pause live broadcast tv whenever you want - rewind to catch something you missed or watch a great scene again (and again…) from the moment of stopping. Or just start watching your show again whenever you're ready.

Direct DVR
With Direct DVR, record a program while watching another.

Direct DVR Ready
With Direct DVRrReady record your program on an external hard drive.
The DVR makes sure you are in the lead. You decide what the next TV evening will bring. Enjoy!
You have to listen to this!

Let the music take control... with UPC Direct Digital Satellite TV you not only get great TV channels, but a selection of digital radio channels on top. The superbly sharp sound and range of interesting genres ensures hours of fun.

Lounge away a rainy Sunday morning with chill or classical sounds, choose some smooth jazz while cooking, rock yourself through cleaning the house or invite your partner for an upbeat dance event.

Does this sound great to you?

Enjoy your favorite website content such as Facebook, YouTube and Picasa directly on your TV with dedicated apps
With the advanced generation satellite receiver HUMAX UD-FOX/HD, get access to a selection of the most popular web content such as Facebook, Picasa and Youtube with dedicated applications.
View your friends profile, posts, comments or albums. Like/Unlike or add short comments. View notifications such as * Likes and comments on your posts, invitations to events, posts in your groups, friend requests
Enjoy Youtube videos on your TV screen. Navigate through different categories of videos such as most popular, most rated. Select your country. Seach for specific videos.
Browse public photos. View photo title and thumbnails. Display comments. Play Slideshow. Connect your Picasa account and display your own photos.
Available in Direct HD package with HUMAX UD-FOX HD satellite receiver only and in Direct DVR ready package
Connect your satellite receiver to your home network
Take full advantage of your TV equipment such as widescreen TV set or home cinema by connecting them to your home network using your satellite receiver as a bridge between your computer and your TV equipment.

Navigate on the TV screen through your digital media content with your remote control. Click on your selection and enjoy the DLNA® experience.

Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA®*) is a standardized communication protocol that allow compatible devices to share media files (music, photos, videos) through a network made of DLNA®* Certified® devices. detailed information on www.dlna.org

Available in Direct HD package with HUMAX UD-FOX HD satellite receiver only and in Direct DVR ready package

* Full certification of this device is pending.

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