Direct HD

Channels with superior signal quality
More than 12 channels in high definition
Truly advanced TV experience.
Best possible picture and sound quality.
What you get
Example of channels
Discovery Showcase HD
Sundance Channel HD
Eurosport HD
Eurosport 2 HD
Sport1 HD
Sport2 HD
Nova Sport HD
Animal Planet HD
National Geographic HD
Nat Geo Wild HD
Travel Channel HD
Da Vinci U
* Bonus SD channel. Available with HD satellite receivers only.
About HD
  • Your TV set must have one of these logos. They mean that your TV set has either full HD or HD ready capbailities and has a HDMI input. These are prerequisites to enjoy Direct HD image quality.
  • 16:9
  • Dolby Digital 5.1 Audio
  • Compatible MPEG2/MPEG4
  • Home network connectivity and specific features such as DLNA ® and TV Portal
* Only available with HUMAX UD-FOX/HD satellite TV receivers. TV Portal and DLNA require a home network (LAN) with a connection to the Internet as well as DLNA ® certified devices (not included in the package).
With a satellite receiver provided by UPC DTH (optional)
  • Direct DVR Ready – record your favorite programs and benefit from home network connectivity
  • Direct DVR – full control of your programs with this all-in-one package
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