Direct DVR ready

  • Record your favorite program Pause, rewind live shows (as you are watching them)
  • Include a single full HD satellite receiver (1080p)
  • Scalable storage with external hard-drive (provided by the customer)
  • Compatible with Direct HD package, more than 10 channels in HD quality
What do you get?

Direct DVR ready – record your favorite programs and benefit for home network connectivity

Direct DVR ready package includes a new generation satellite receiver with which:

  • Direct medium customers can enjoy M1/ČT1 HD part of their package
  • Direct HD customers can enjoy more than 10 HD channels

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What do you need?

To fully enjoy Direct DVR ready package you need the following

  • be a Direct medium or Direct+ customer.
  • have a Full HD or HD ready TV to benefit from HD quality programs

For recording and time shifting

  • External hard-drive, 100Gb,250Gb, 32Gb0,500Gb,1Tb and 2Tb – device not included in the package

for enjoying DLNA

  • a home network (LAN)
  • DLNA compatible and/or DLNA certified devices connected to the home network
  • an ETHERNET cable (not included). This device does NOT contain a WIFI connection.

for accessing the TV Portal (operated by Humax)

  • a home network (LAN)
  • an active Hi-speed subscription to an Internet Service Provider
  • an ETHERNET cable (not included). This device does NOT contain a WIFI connection.
  • usage of TV portal is subject to the acceptance of the privacy notice
  • some applications may requires an account
Satellite receiver

Direct DVR ready packages includes HUMAX UD-FOX/HD satellite receiver

example of installation (router/modem and external hard-drive not included)

Existing customers already equipped with HUMAX UD-FOX/HD satellite receiver can subscribe to this offer. The software of the receiver has been updated through the signal of the satellite. Access to the new features of the satellite receivers are enabled at the update of the package.