Direct DVR

  • Record another program while watching your favorite
  • Pause, rewind on live
  • Include a double tuner HD Ready satellite receiver (720p)
  • More than 60-hour internal storage
  • Compatible with Direct HD package, more than 10 channels in HD quality
What do you get?

Direct DVR - the full control on your programs

All-in-one package including a HD Ready satellite receiver (720p) with:

  • Recording and time shifting features
  • More than 60hours internal storage, with the satellite receiver internal hard-drive
  • With a double tuner that allows you to record a program while watching another
  • Standard satellite receiver features such as TV guide, Now and Next information
  • an HDMI cable

Compatible with UPC Direct HD channels.

With Direct DVR:
  • Direct medium customers can enjoy M1/ČT1 HD as part of their package
  • Direct HD customers can enjoy more than 10 HD channels.

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What do you need?

To enjoy Direct DVR package you need the following:

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Satellite receiver

Direct DVR package includes Philips HDDVR satellite receiver

In certain specific cases such as compatibility issues with the TV or stock issues, UPC DTH S.à r.l. may provide another satellite receiver with at least the same technical characteristics.