Digital Satellite TV
with no compromise


UPC DTH provides quality digital television services directly to your home.
Its satellite TV offers are available everywhere in the served countries.
More than 100 channels and services for the whole family available through carefully designed packages.

Channel line-up and options
Basic packages
Up to 90 channels of various genres: generic entertainement, news, international, sport, movies and series or music.
Premium channels
Premium content to enrich your basic packages such as HBO or FilmBox.
Additional options
High Definition (HD), Digital Video Recording (DVR), Multi TV and connected services.
Equipment and conditions

UPC DTH packages are available:

  • with or without a leased satelitte receiver
  • available with CI+ module
  • With or without monthly fee
  • With or without loyalty
  • Prepaid and with a contract
UPC DTH Satellite TV Service benefits
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