Interview with Michael Lee, Managing Director of UPC DTH
Interview with Michael Lee, Managing Director of UPC DTH

You have reached 800 thousand customers. When do you hope to reach the magical 1 million?

We have grown our customer base by more than 60% since 2010 so if we can continue to have the same success then it could be sooner rather than later!

You have expanded the portfolio for viewers in Central and Eastern Europe significantly. Can you hint on what they can be looking forward to in the near future? Are you planning any exciting additions?

We are constantly negotiating with major content providers to deliver the most exciting programming to our customers. We are also very much focused on delivering value for money so will continue to listen to what customers want in terms of programming and balance that with adding new content. In addition we are conscious that the TV industry, both broadcasters and programmers, is clearly embracing the move to HD and we will be part of that.

One of the current trends in broadcasting is a multichannel or multiscreen content delivery. Can we expect you to make any inroads into this area?

Liberty Global has been doing a lot of work in the development of second screen services and we are part of that initiative.  We already offer HBO GO and with the new generation of STBs it will be easier for us to add more new services and we hope to do so in the coming months.

You have had great success with offering time-limited un-coded access to AXN, AXN White and AXN Black. Are you preparing another open window on selected channels?

Campaigns such as the open windows on the three AXN channels are very popular with our viewers and I can confirm that we are planning more of these campaigns together with our programming partners, with diverse programs for all viewer segments.

Now UPC DTH is 15th years old, where do you see UPC DTH going from here?

I think the growth we have experienced since launching a DTH service and especially in the last 5 years is a clear indication that we are doing something that our customers appreciate: the comprehensive channel offerings, value for money and excellent customer service.

So we will continue to do more of the same as well as supporting our independent dealer networks and work closely with them to enhance the customer experience.  On top of that we will keep innovating in terms of: new products and technologies to keep our existing customers delighted and attract new ones to get to that next magic milestone of 1 million customers.