UPC DTH adds 6 channels plus 10 channels of digital music
UPC DTH further extends its channel line-up with the addition of 6 channels plus 10 channels of digital music
Luxembourg, 12th February, 2014 - UPC DTH S.à r.l., a leading satellite television provider in Central and Eastern Europe, announces the addition of new channels and a music feature to the freeSAT services in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, UPC Direct in Hungary and Focus Sat in Romania. The additions will provide 5 new channels in Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia and 6 new channels for Romania. UPC DTH will also introduce the digital music service MUSIC CHOICE with 10 digital music channels for freeSAT and UPC Direct customers. 

Starting 10th of March, freeSAT, UPC Direct and Focus Sat customers will enjoy new international channels from well-known brands like Discovery and new up and coming brands which will introduce to our customers new genres like fighting sports, fashion and motor racing. UPC DTH is committed to offering its customers the most complete channel line-up making its services a superior value with exceptional choice and no compromise.

For curious minds, the world is full of questions just waiting to be answered. Da Vinci Learning channel opens up the world to its audience with TV shows that entertain, educate and inspire people to learn about science and have fun doing it.

Hollywood crimes, murders and forensic investigations, Investigation Discovery gives insight into the mysterious, unimaginable and intriguing side of investigations, exploring the science that ultimately solves these real-life puzzles and slowly reveal the answers so that you too feel the thrill of solving a real life mystery.

Fashiontv is the only 24/7 international TV network dedicated to fashion, beauty glamour and style. The channel understands and caters to fashionistas by providing original, unbiased and informative programming. 

Martial arts and fighting sports enthusiasts will enjoy BlackBelt TV which has exclusive programming including classic Kung-Fu movies and featured film from Hollywood. BlackBelt TV also features Japanese animation series and movies.

Auto Motor Sport will thrill automobile enthusiast and car racing fans with documentaries and sports related to the automobile industry with key programming such as detailed car testing of recently launched models, close-ups of the leading minds in the car business as well as behind-the-scene portraits of the most legendary car brands.

Bollywood TV is the only European channel which broadcasts Bollywood blockbusters, the best Indian produced TV series and various entertainment programs, including classic movies which were extremely successful in Europe within the 50’s to 90’s. People keen on discovering Hindi culture will certainly enjoy Bollywood TV.

UPC DTH is pleased to add a new extra feature for customers to freeSAT and UPC Direct called Music Choice. This new service will be available for Basic customers with HD capable equipment (Humax set-top box or DVR). This music feature consists of 10 channels of music, each highlighting a specific genre.

“We are pleased to further enrich our packages in all our markets through the addition of these channels. We regularly ask our customers what type of content would enhance their viewing experience. Based on the feedback received we are confident the additions of these channels and the new music service will be well received. This change further enhances our already rich packages, giving UPC DTH customers everywhere more choice without additional cost or compromise” said Michael Lee, UPC DTH Managing Director.