UPC DTH reaches 800,000 customers
Satellite TV provider announces competition to mark milestone

Luxembourg, 20 October 2015 - Liberty Global’s satellite TV unit (“UPC DTH”), a leading satellite television provider in Central and Eastern Europe operating under the brand names freeSAT in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, UPC Direct in Hungary and Focus Sat in Romania, announced today that it has surpassed 800,000 customers - an increase of more than 60% since the formation of UPC DTH in 2010.

UPC DTH continues to expand its channel portfolio. Over the past 12 months, it has brought to its customers 18 new international and local channels many in HD. The line-up of channels continues to expand in all programming genres including: sports, news, business, lifestyle, movie, cartoon and music. Some of the major recent additions are  Fine Living Network, Food Network,  TV Šlágr, Duna HD,  and Markiza HD.

UPC DTH’s initiatives are not limited to expanding its range of programming. In order to provide a full HD experience to all customers, the satellite provider is now offering more advanced receivers such as the Humax (UD-FOX) HD and the Kaon (3600) HD. Both of these boxes support full HD image quality and deliver a DVR experience, for those customer who opt for the DVR Ready product.  These devices  let customers record and watch programmes at their convenience and also pause live TV so they do not miss any of the action.

UPC DTH is also proud of its award-winning customer care (such as the Gold Stevie award received for the best Customer Service CEE) that allows customers to reach a representative when they want and how they want, including via platforms such as Skype.

To mark the milestone of surpassing 800,000 customers, UPC DTH awarded its 800,000th  customer, Elena D. from Bucharest a Focus Sat customer with one year free service.  In addition, UPC DTH has announced a competition starting Wednesday, October 21st, with a year’s free service available to a total of five winners across the four operating countries. Other prizes will include 6 months and 3 months of free service. The contest will be available by visiting the UPC DTH Facebook page for the appropriate country.


Quotations from our satisfied customers (received by customer care centres)

“Thank you for the simple and fast way you offered me the service. The service is perfect, in material meaning and in HD quality too, so I will recommend it for my acquaintances too. Thanks again for the fast installment.” – a UPC Direct customer from Hungary

“I am satisfied with service and also with the attitude of the people on the line. Their friendliness and also accessibility. There is no problem to call you and reach somebody. I like also your channels offer - both in basic package and also in the premiums. I absolutely recommend.” – a freeSAT customer from the Czech Republic

“I have been with you for many years and I am really satisfied with your service.” – a freeSAT customer from Slovakia