Do you know what football offside is?
UPC Direct and freeSAT challenges football fans with rule explanation!

Do you know what offside means? Would you be able to explain it? Create the funniest video and get a  chance to win a TV with UPC Direct and freeSAT new Facebook contest #ThisisOffSide.

UPC Direct and freeSAT launch their campaign #ThisIsOffside in connection with the UEFA European Championship in which it will collect football fans explanations for one of the most basic although unclear rules, the offside. The videos, produced by you, can be uploaded by anyone through a Facebook application on UPC Direct/freeSAT official page. The best videos will be chosen by the fans themselves as the person who get the most “likes” will win a brand new HD TV! There are also daily and weekly prizes to win such as connected wrist bands, caps, tripods, football beach balls and more!

The competition is open to everyone for the time of the Euro cup, from June 7th to July 10th! The kick off video features professional commentator Gábor Horti who asks people to spontaneously explain the offside rules…funny, how hard it is, see an example in  the campaign video: https://youtu.be/SVfxre9SIsg 

Check out the videos on the UPC Direct facebook page: facebook.com/UPCDirectHU/ and freeSAT fecebook page in Czech Republic www.facebook.com/freeSATtvCZ/ and in Slovakia: www.facebook.com/freeSATtvSK/ 

and try to do YOURS!