Customer Care

Customer Care


For UPC DTH the customer’s always are in focus. That’s why we are working on an outstanding customer experience that includes all the phases: ordering, installation and activation of the service. The UPC DTH Customer Service is available via phone, Skype , email and social media.

Care free offers
  • UPC DTH is offering care free packages
    • including satellite receivers
    • including technical support
    • with contributing to installation*
  • UPC DTH has a strong network of authorized dealers and installers
Innovative, customer centric welcoming process

In 2013 UPC DTH deployed an innovative welcoming process that offers contracting by phone and follow-up customer service calls during installation. This new process makes the beginning of the new relationship simpler, and reduces customer concerns during the installation phase.

Easily available and responsive support

UPC DTH customer service is easily available and responsive every day:

  • over the phone, or for free via Skype
  • with free instant callbacks for questions on commercial offers
  • on Facebook with TV program highlights, company news and customer service through comments, messages, the customer care forum and through the private customer support form
  • on our website with Q&A, tips and request form
Award-winning Customer Care and recommended service

Over the past years UPC DTH and its partners were awarded several times for the quality and responsiveness of their customer service. Recently, UPC DTH S.à r.l. received a Gold Stevie® Award in the 10th annual International Business Awards for the best Customer Service in Central Eastern Europe.

Recent independent research, based on NPS scores, shows that customers are more likely to recommend UPC DTH services and they are the most satisfied customers within the satellite TV industry in the three markets included in the results.


For more details about the opening hours and local services visit our country websites.

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